About Us

We are a family-owned floral shop and gourmet coffee shop, both housed within the Atkinson Floral building. I first purchased an existing flower shop in 2016 with plans of hiring a florist. Those plans changed when I did not find one, and I became a self-taught florist through learning design techniques via watching YouTube videos and attending numerous workshops and conventions.

Since then, we have made many changes, including building a new building. Construction of the current Atkinson Floral building was completed in July of 2019. Shortly after, Juju Bean Coffee opened with the drive-thru ready to serve delicious cups of coffee in August of 2019. Since, baked items have been added to the menu for our customers to have a complete treat.

I strive to continue to serve the best and most consistent products that I can in both the floral and coffee shops. I keep this promise in the floral shop by selecting the best quality flowers and processing them to preserve their beauty longer for my customers. In the coffee shop, I keep this promise by starting with high quality coffee beans and ensuring all employees are fully trained to consistently serve gourmet beverages.

Ultimately, I want to make a difference in the lives of my customers in a positive way, whether that is through their favorite drink or a bouquet to celebrate life’s many events and milestones. Here at Atkinson Floral, we create arrangements that bloom brighter days.

Warm Wishes,

Curie Mincer
Owner of Atkinson Floral & Juju Bean Coffee